Use your hands to touch the lives of others. Literally! #WeCare


When finding a new home, we immediately think.. oh lets buy a place there or lets rent this place here. Although these may seem like the average person’s options, some Malaysians are not as fortunate to have a place where they can call home.

Due to natural disasters and tight financial circumstances , many Malaysians are forced into homelessness or live in uncomfortable situations for generations due to their lack of education and ability to uproot their families to a greater community.

Although most rural communities do get by with self-built homes, issues like safety and security are not prioritized. This will only result in a dangerous cycle of home calamities that could, in fact, be avoided.

With Habitat for Humanity Malaysia, homeowners who need a hand up can now get the support they need if they are also willing to put in their own effort (termed as “sweat equity”) in their future homes.

Having a record of building homes all over Malaysia, Habitat is well known for being “hands-on” with the construction of homes involving thousands of volunteers every year.

Anyone who can hold a hammer, bucket or paint brush is welcome to volunteer in this noble and
life-building cause.

Find out how you can contribute locally or abroad under Habitat for Humanity Malaysia today!