Do you find second hand smoke irritating? #WeCare


You might just bear with it because you think that it doesn’t affect you.

But these are the facts!
4000 known chemicals in tobacco smoke and at least 250 of them are harmful and more than 50 cause cancer. NON-SMOKERS are at risks of developing lung cancer and other related diseases attributed to tobacco smoke too!

This is no longer “none of your business” anymore. Secondhand smoke is the silent killer! Neither ventilation nor filtration, even in combination is able to protect you. Only 100% smoke free environment provides the best protection to you and your loved ones.

Never take breathing in secondhand smoke as a norm anymore. Transform your voices into actions. Claim you rights to have a 100% smoke-free environment!

Green Lung is a youth grassroot movement empowering youths as change agents in advocating for 100% tobacco-free environment. We aim to raise the awareness of the danger of secondhand smoke and the significance of having a tobacco free environment.